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Meg Alexander

Miranda's Masquerade

Susan Amarillas

Silver and Steel(2), Scanlin's law and Wyoming Renegade.

Laurel Ames

Homeplace, Tempted, Besieged, Teller of Tales and Infamous.

Shari Anton

Lord of the Manor, Knave of Hearts, Emily's Captain(2), The Conquerer and By Queen's Grace.

Catherine Archer

Lord Sin, Summer's Bride, Autum's bride and Winter's Bride.

Elizabeth August

Pirate Bride

Cassandra Austin

Trusting Sarah and Heart and Home

Elizabeth Bailey

Hidden Flame

Lynna Banning

Lost Acres Bride

Suzanna Barclay

Lion's lady, Knights Divided and The Champion.

Nina Beaumont

The Shadowed Heart, Tapestry of Dreams and Promises to Keep.

Cheryl Bolen

A Duke Deceived

Kate Bridges

The Doctor's Homecoming

Debra Lee Brown

Gold Rush Bride

Nicola Cornick

The Virtuous Cyprian

Ruth Jean Dale


Carolyn Davidson

Tanner Stakes His Claim(2), Loving Katherine, The Tender Strander and Gerrity's Bride.

Claire Delacroix

Roarke's Folly, My Lady's Champion, My Lady's Desire and Pearl beyond Price(2).

Kathleen Eagle

Private Treaty

Lucy Elliot

Contraband Desire, The Claim, The Conquest and Private Paradise.

Nicole Foster

Cimarron Rose and Jake's Angel.

Kit Gardner

The Untamed Heart and Arabesque.

Lucy Gordon

Royal Harlot

Laurie Grant

Beloved Deceiver and Lawman.

Patricia Hagan

The Desire

Deborah Hale

The Bonny Bride

Diana Hall

Angel of the Knight(2) and Branded Hearts(2).

Sharon Harlowe

For Love of Anna(2)

Jillian Hart

Night Hwak's Bride(2) and Montana Man.

Beth Henderson


Liz Ireland

Miranda Jarrett

Spindrift, The Secrets of Callie Hazard, Providence, Desire My Love and Mariah's Prize.

Muriel Jensen


Julia Justiss

My Lady's Trust

Kate Kingsley

The River Sprite

Kristie Knight

The Garden Path

Ruth Langan

The Sea Witch, Highland Heaven and Conor

Barbara Leigh

The Surrogate Wife(2), For Love Alone, For Love of Rory and Web of Loving Lies.

Pamela Litton

Dance With The Devil

Ann Lynn

Beautiful Dreamer

Margo Maguire

The Bride of Windermere

Gail Mallin

Debt of Honour

Susan Mallery

Wild West Wife, Justin's Bride and Shotgun Grooms

Jackie Manning

Silver Hearts

Elizabeth Mayne

All That Matters, Lady of the Lake and The Highlander's Maiden.

Lindsay Mckenna

Brave Heart

Judith McWilliams

Suspicion and Betrayed

Theresa Michaels

Magic and Mist

Margaret Moore

The Wastrel, Vows, A Warrior Way, The Dark Duke, The Duke's Desire(2).

China Blossom, A Warrior's Kiss. The Saxon, The Norman's Heart and The Viking.

Rae Muir

The Pearl Stallion, The Trail to Temptation(2), Twice A Bride, All But The Queen of Hearts(2), Hawken's Wife(2)

The Lieutenants Lady.

Jacqueline Navin

A Rose at Midnight and The Viking's Heart.

Virginia Nielsen

To Love a Pirate

Shirley Parenteau

Golden Prospect and the Naked Huntress

Susan Paul

The Heiress Bride

Tori Phillips

Halloween Knight, Lady Of The Knight, Fool's Paradise, Midsummer's Knight and One Knight in Venice.

Patricia Potter

The Abduction

Louise Rawlings

Wicked Stranger

Cheryl Reavis

The Bartered Bride

Taylor Ryan


Sharon Schulze

To Tame a Warriors Heart and Lady of the Keep.

De Loras Scott

The Lady and the Outlaw, Addie's Lament(2) and Timeless.

Ana Seymour

A Family For Carter Jones(2), The Rogue and Jeb Hunter's Bride

Coral Smith Saxe

Captured Moment(2)

Judith Stacy

Outlaw Love and The Blushing Bride

Cheryl St. John

Sweet Annie(2), Land of Dreams(2) and Heaven Can Wait.

Lyn Stone

The Wicked Truth, Bride of Trouville and The Highland Wife

Jackie Summers

Embrace The Dawn

Julie Tetel

Simon's lady, Sweet Seduction, Sweet Sensations, Sweet Surrender,and MacLaurin's Lady

Sweet Suspicions and Sweet Sarah Ross

Carols Townsend

Sapphie in the Snow

Pat Tracy

Cade's Justice

Lydia Trent

Heaven's Embrace

Gayle Wilson

Honor's Bride and Anne's Perfect Husband(2).