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1). Who Are You?

Hello my name is Marsha and this is my site created to sell off my collection of books and magazines that I have collected over the years. I have been collecting for years and its time to clean out the lot to make room for new books. I am not a company, just a private citizen from Upstate, New York.

2). How does the buying process work?

First browse through the site and purchase what you want. While browsing write down book name/Magazine, author/date. Send me an email(which is located at the home page of the site) of the things you wish to buy. I will then calculate total cost as well as shipping(Media Mail......unless otherwise requested) and send you the total. ATTENTION: Once I have sent the info to complete the sale........I will ONLY HOLD ITEMS FOR 14 DAYS. If payment is not made in 14 days items will be put back up for sale.

3. What types of payments do you accept?

I accept Paypal(through checking account transfers only) , Money Orders(postal or store), Cashier's Checks. I do not and will not accept personal checks....sorry folks. I will also not accept COD's or cash through the mail. All monies will be is US funds. I will NOT accept Credit Card payments through Paypal, all such payments will be returned.

4). Where do you ship items?

I ship anywhere in the world and shipping will depend mainly on where the buyer lives.

5). If I buy from you, will I be spammed?

No, I hate spammers. I will never send you unsolicited emails. All info that is sent to me will remain private.

6). Are these all the books and magazines that you have?

No, the bookstore is updated on a daily basis. As I said, I have hundreds of books and mags and it will take time to scan and list everything. I am also always getting new things which will eventually be uploaded to the store