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Katherine Arthur

Signs of Love

Helen Brooks

Angels Have No Wings

Emma Darcy

Blind Date

Anne Marie Duquette

Unlikely Places

Rachel Elliot

Unwanted Legacy

Catherine George

The Second Bride

Emma Goldrick

Mississippi Miss

Kay Gregory

Yesterdays Wedding

Day Leclaire

The Twenty-Four Hour Bride and Long-Lost Bride

Barbara McMahon

Island Paradise

Debbie Macomber

Ready For Marriage and My Hero

Betty Neels

Grasp A Nettle, The Bachelor's Wedding, Only By Chance, The Right Kind Of Girl and A Valentine For Daisy(2).

The Awakened Heart, Esmerelda, A Girl To Love, A Secret Infautation and Hannah

At The End Of The Day, The Mistletoe Kiss, A Christmas Wish, The Silver Thaw and A Happy Meeting.

Winter Change and All Else Confusion.

Emma Richmond

Love of My Heart

Gill Sanderson

Second Lover

Catherine Spencer

Winter Roses

Jessica Steele

Flight of Discovery and Relative Values

Sheila Stuitt

The Flight of the Golden Hawk

Shannone Waverly


Anne Weale

The Faberge Cat

Nicole West

A Womans Place

Quinn Wilder

One Shining Summer

Patricia Wilson

Tender Deceit

Land of Tommorow

Pet Peeves

Cause For Love