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Royalty Books

Wedding book for TM King Konstantin and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece in 1964 by Sven Sabroe. Has over 130 pages chock full with images from the couples childhoods, courtship and ends with their royal wedding in Athens. Hardback. Written in Danish. $20 VHTF

Wedding book for Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus in 1966. The books begins by detailing the childhoods of the couple, on to the courtship and finally ends with the wedding. Chock filled with photos. Written in Dutch. Softcover. $20 VHTF

Talks about all the events of what happen in 1995(from all the royal weddings to activities and various state visits that took place that year. Chock filled with colour photos. $8

Denmark Cavalcade: Travel book in Denmark which feautures full paged photos in B/W of the wedding of then Crown Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Henri de Monzepat. Written in Danish and English. $15