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Laura Abbott

Where There's Smoke

Anna Adams

Unexpected Babies

Judith Arnold

Found: One Son

Elizabeth Ashtree

The Colonel and the Kid

Linda Barnett

True-Blue Texan

Pamela Bauer

Two Much Alike

Connie Bennett

Somewhere Out There

Judith Bowen

His Brother's Bride, Zoey Phillips and Charlotte Moore(these two books are a part of a trilogy).

Bethany Campbell

The Baby Gift and The Guardian

Marisa Carroll

The Man Who Saved Christmas and Megan

K.N Casper

The First Daughter

Ginger Chambers

Hidden In Texas

Ruth Jean Dale

Family Secrets

Kay David

Two Sisters

Lynn Erickson

The Baby Contract and Child Of Mine

Roz Denny Fox

Who Is Emerald Monday and Wide Open Spaces.

Jan Freed

Nobody Does It Better

Darlene Graham

The Man from Oklahoma and The Pull Of The Moon

Morgan Hayes


Bobby Hutchinson

The Family Doctor

Ellen james

The Montana Home

Muriel Jensen

Man with a Message

Janice Jay Johnson

His Partner's Wife

Lynnette Kent

What A Man's Got To Do

Janice Macdonald

The Doctor Delivers

Nadia Nichols

Across a Thousand Miles

Peggy Nicholson

The Wildcatter and True Heart

Brenda Novak

Shooting the Moon

Kathleen O'Brien

The Real Father and Babes in Arms

Tara Taylor Quinn

Just Around the Corner

Fay Robinson

Mr and Mrs. Wrong and A Man Like Mac

Debra Salonen

Wonders Never Cease, The Cowboy's Kids

Kathryn Shay

Practice Makes Perfect and The Fire Within

Caron Todd

Into the Badlands

Margaret Way

Secrets of the Outback

Rebecca Winters

The Unknown Sister